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About Me

Serving People Since 1998


I am Deepti Mishra and I've been helping people for more than 20 years. At my office in Herndon VA, I see couples, individuals, and young adults and their families. If you're seeking help right now because you have tried everything and nothing is helping. You are doing right thing by reaching out for help. Why to fight alone when there is help available.In fact, as you start to feel better, you'll be glad you reached out too. Intimate relationships are pivotal in our lives. When we feel stuck, it affects every aspect of our wellbeing: mental, physical, emotional and spiritual. I can help you and your loved ones reconnect. Whether you and your partner are just going through some temporary setbacks, or life's thrown you some curve balls, or you're trying to figure out where to go from here we'll work together to help you find your way.

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